Out of the water, on the land, up the vine...I’ve been looking to see what I’d find

Someone to give of my life in this time, someone to love on a Saturday night

Then I found the bottle with the note inside

Tell me I’m crazy but I can’t stop crying


Amazing, you’re amazing

Where have you been throughout the years?

I can’t believe that you weren’t here

Amazing, you’re amazing

There will be no more sorrow near

When you call I will be there


I went up the mountain, down the other side, to find the dream that I had left behind

Standing right before me, tell me could you stop and see?  

I couldn’t see the sea flowing right in front of me.

Then I found the bottle with the note inside

Tell me I’m crazy but I can’t stop trying 




I’ve been lookin’ out for you, been watchin’ what you do and I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold

Been lookin’ over you, been watchin’ what you do.  I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold.


You won’t know me if I so dare.  You won’t know me if you think that I care.


Been lookin’ window pane, I’m seein’ everything ‘cause I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold

See flowers on the wall, I painted, I painted them all.  I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold


You were telling’ me, ain’t got a thing you need

I’ve been telling’ you, can’t stand it what you wanna do now?


Been lookin’ window pane, I’m seein’ everything.  I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold

Been lookin’ out for you.  We’ve been watchin’ the things you do been lookin’ to turn your days to gold

Been lookin’ out for you, been watchin’ what you do.  I’m lookin’ to turn our days to gold

God’s lookin’ over you and He’s watchin’ all that you do and He’s lookin’ to turn your days to gold




Stormy weathers on the rise, I think I see cloudy skies

Darkness running through my life, oh my love please tell me why

I’m tired of old gray boundary lines, I need something black and white

Turn the handle, let it flow, I really need to know


I need to feel your sunshine days

I need to know you’re here to stay

I can’t do this anymore

I can’t live without your love and your sunshine days


There’s a nightmare in my head, and the pain it hurts so bad

In the end without your love like a note without a song




Here I sit lonely, here I sit blue, here I sit all alone without the love of you

Now it’s time to travel down another road, to find a brand new day that I have never known


And seasons come and go just like the snow you know

And the fantasies of life go flying by

I can change the mountains height

The future’s fire is shining bright


Really a feeling of the blue right by my side, I wonder who will care to see my plight

I’ll tell you all, the secrets in you I confide, hole down in heart and a thorn in my side




I saw you leaving out the front door.  I saw you going on your own.

I can’t explain the pain I felt inside.  Who will hold you while you’re gone?

I felt the tears roll down my face.  You won’t even see me cry.

But here I am for you don’t leave me now…


Why did you go? Was I there for you?

Why did you go? Didn’t I care for you?

The time we spent. The cries were heard up above…

Why didn’t you love?  Why didn’t you love?


When you left your heart went cold, a bitterness from love gone dry

But you know I care I love you so… you won’t find a better life

We can always start again.  I will be here till the end.

There is nothing you could do to me. I will always be your friend.




Stay awhile… please don’t leave.  Won’t you talk to me

I want to know the wisdom you see.  Please sir don’t leave


What has your life gone through?

What did you find you knew?

And did the dream come true for you?

What did you do?


There you sit with a crown of grey, what will you say?

Would you live it all again?  

Lessons learned from where you’ve been




Feel the rage in your cage

The hardest thing is walking away

The candle burns under the bed

The water’s in the sand, the castles in your head


There is a light that shines on everyone’s dreams

It makes us feel all right, it is what we are meant to be

And all we are giving makes everything worth living to me


Look at the picture - painting your life

So many need us when we are lost inside

The candle burns under the bed

The water’s in the sand, the castles in your head




Trust the people and I’m hurting, everybody’s been flirting

And did you know I’m the same too, in the morning I’m going to lead you


Up a steep hill to the people, every preacher has got to be sure

Someone told you how to live now but you’re not yourself 


Do I trust you?  I’m discerning when I wake up you are made up

And did you know I’m the same too, in the morning I’m going to lead you




A feeling I could see - I saw you stare at me

I know your every way, I cannot get away

I see the distance die, I’m headed to your side


Potion near the ocean, come walk with me

Hold tight, breath tonight, set me free

We’ll share our valleys, look at the sea

Hold tight, breath tonight, you and me


A feeling I could see - I cannot let you be

Everywhere all around, I feel you up and down

I see the distance die, I’m headed to your side




Here am I, where am I… In the vacuum cleaning out my room

In the dark night, the Northern Lights swirl and twirl and speak of you


Can’t stop washing it always needs a shine… glimmering of the light

Dirty hands, lonely friends… let me know that it’s all right


Can’t keep you from dust and death… leave the mud and clean the path

Suddenly a look of discord left me turning to the source




I can’t keep fallin’ away from you now

You can’t keep running from me

Will you be there to take care when I fall in two

I just can’t seem to be rid of you


Suddenly it happened to me.  I don’t take it personally.

Love is all that means the world to me

Let me hold you intimately, I will be your everything

Come and be the universe to me


Suddenly it happens to be, when you put your arms around me

I remember everything we had

Closer to the way we were, I can still hear every word

There is nothing that can make me sad




Hold me while I‘m going down, need to let you know now

There is no one like you, pretty with the sky blue


When I dreamed of you, I dreamed of you last night

Everything was clear in my sight, you were my dream last night


Picture in the bedroom, music in the ballroom

Ask you if you will now all I have to give now

Fading now before me, losing all the memory

Someone turn the lights on. I don’t know what I’ve done




And I know that it’s all in time. Sometimes I just can’t wait

I know to prepare a place. A place that we can relate


No more hate, no more pain, and I hear all your laughing again

Hold the water, Feeling the fire, step down and let love take us higher 

Are you ready to feel your heart’s desire?   


And I know the promises. I hide them in my heart

It is there that they will stay, nobody can take them away


And I know that the day is done and the feeling appears to be gone

More than this I know it’s real, choosing the day and the night will be still




Running I’ve been running all around the world

Running right through every kind of door

I barely have time to open my eyes

Everybody’s talking about the end of time

I’ve got to lay it down, help myself… before the hammer hits the head of the nail

Got to stand strong… got to stand strong now

I’m running from the penthouse and I’m running through the streets

They look, they look like they’re coming at me

It’s a very scary thing when I hear what they say

How can I live my life in this way?

Music I hear drums all across the sky… set my feet and occupy 


Running for the freedom just to live my life

We all make a choice every day and night

I watch my life moving from the red of the rose

When the flower fades its time to go

Up until the end while I’ve got my health

I’m gonna try to love high, try to love out

Music I hear drums all across the sky… I’ve got to set my feet down and occupy

You better stand strong today… you better stand up strong better mark your way




With the voice from all the angels high… heart of gold the mission’s in your soul

With the gift of service, it is love… don’t leave the calling it’s from up above

So many look to you, a special love that’s something sweet

You have the strength to spare, amazing how you care


Wonderful delights, blessings in God’s given light

Simply you I hope you’ll see… up and out will always be


You’ll take the right and live it true… and the talent it’s all over you

Though you don’t know still you do… you’ll bring the peace and guard the fold it’s true

You’ll stand out in the crowd, full of all amazing things

The farthest gift but you’ll be wise… in time you’ll reach the other side 




Butterfly without its wings… beautiful won’t move a thing… sensing bitter when we need a friend

Butterfly come sing your song… where is it that you belong? Sensing bitter when we need a friend


Sipping from the new wine… set it free before its time

It turned a sharp edge into the low, dull blade

Sifting through the ruins… sadness in the deep, blue veins

Never again… but maybe if love reigns


Coming to the end, God is in the sky… why so heavy when we need to fly?

Everybody has a need… I keep on walking by… why so heavy when we need to fly?




Empathy is everything the inside out is seen

Motive of the heart will show the purpose of the need

Like the child like the man when pride becomes the worlds end

Equitable does not equal… equal in the world of fair


Crazy with incommunicado truths… Lazy choosing not to see you

It's hazy when I can't see what to do… Believe me I do not want to fight with you


Watch now therefore… How do we see inside

Hold on therefore… Tell me how to try

Come now I cry… I have got to realize 

What it's all worth when I hurt you right between the eyes


What it’s worth to spot the summoned feud

Another cry is heard inside the zoo

What it’s worth to do the things I do

And what will stop the pain in what I lose?




In the morning before you leave 

In the time that we are apart

In the night when you return to me


Till the end we will be

Till the end you and me

When the curtains fall

We will still be standing tall


In the peace before the lights go down

In the chaos of the many sounds

In the echo of the many words you come




It’s been a long time since I saw you, I sit around remembering the times

Sometimes I will wake up and all of the memories unwind


Back in muddy water days, everything was not so clear

Round in circles we would play before the death of something dear

Back in muddy water days, ice cream off the lawn

Down to the lighthouse to sing another song


Everything, it seemed so perfect, a friend to find before the end of time arrived

I am out to count my blessings, everything is not always a sign




Hidden away somewhere unknown… Searching the world looking for gold

Pentateuch’s the fall of man… Where were you when life began?


Love will find the fallen man

Too long in the shifting sand

Lift us from the saddened heart

Tell us who you are

I do believe that love is at the door


Love the reason why we live… Life is answered in a gift

Love is everything to hold… Touch to feel to live to grow




Head high… head high… high until we die inside

Humbled, humbled lo to let it go

Cannot see, will not see, no one told the obviously

Blinded by something that’s so clear

Love you and feel you but cannot see your use

Truth is lost though spoken very clear


Carved idea lost inside a tear… 




The music it will play like a symphony

I hold the hand of one who holds me

I hold you tight forever with no end

I feel you close, you call just like a friend


And through the seasons you are always there

I do remember all the many prayers

You came and heard me and you walked me through

I find myself in love with all of you


And through the reasons you have always cared

You gave me hope when there was nothing there

You held me tight when I was needing you

You opened up your heart and love came through

That I might give myself to you

To feel your passion in all I do

You gave when I had naught

You loved when I could not




Who are we really? Who are you?

Who am I and I have tried to find the blessed truth

But I keep finding sadness… I keep finding sad

In the pain and in the hurt… in the theatre


On the stage every day in the play to say

Mold the clay and stay the role what to do today

That you would like us all to hear

That we don’t waste what is near


And still the role is played

Identity is strong this way

We sought it to be significant

But who remembers anyone, anyway?




Life is a series of days, a constant repetition of hours

An endless array of thoughts & theories of tomorrow

A cycle of your circle


A cycle of your circle much like those before

Continually reliving a falling on the floor

Pursuit of something bigger in the quest to find our worth

We can make the difference with a knock on someone’s door


Life is a series of ways, a Deja Vu of hours

A number in the big scene, happiness and sorrow

A cycle of your circle




Everywhere we go now is how we spend our time

When the party’s over who said goodbye

And soon will come when we look at what we’ve done

In the portion of our life we can’t change what’s behind


I ponder now… did I make the right choices?

And in the storm I felt the rain

I climbed the sky… in faith I do believe

A voice is calling through the whisper of the leaves


Life is here to set the captives free

Love is here… everything we need

The light of the world is still beautiful to me

The whole world sings behold the majesty


Everywhere we go now is how we spend our time

In the still small wind everything is just fine




There’s a seat for the show we’ve got to keep on… someday, it will be clear

There is something in store for everybody our destiny is drawing near


There’s a kingdom that holds the hope of our rest… waiting for to carry

There’s forever again, when will we be there… it there really a hurry?


A feeling off the wall… where we go before the fall

But everybody has got a new tomorrow

But we can ever be in a place that will set us free

Beyond the glimpse… beyond the glimpse of what we have believed




Draw the line, caught in time, nothing new to find

Underline what I find, study in my mind

Turning from the tickets of past I believe it’s true

Sitting down to listen now… tell me what to do… what is there to do?


Coming down from in my head… I’m too tall in what I’ve said

Humble help me lest I die… pride cannot be satisfied

There’s nothing I could ever do to turn away the love in you


I can’t get up when I am down, turn my world around

Here and there, on the go…  locked on overload

Cruising now, show me how, I can’t let it go

In the heat I felt defeat but someone cooled the show


I can’t believe what I have done… oh my dear lord

I must go back, I don’t know how, can you help out?

I said too much again you know… I hurt someone

I learned it’s hard to learn a lot with open jaws




I went down to the bayou, walked the river’s wind

Read the books of people, walked where you have been

Every hand of every evil felt the love of every good

But I cannot seem to find a peace of mind in these woods

So I went to the party… I’ve been gone so long

Could not find a reason for the right and for the wrong




Falling fast to never stop… Like a dream when breath is gone

Faster now to feel the fall… Something's happened, something’s wrong

Cannot feel the way you did… World is over still the pen


Heart of pain… Your friends are gone… Fall into oblivion

Feel the rain and cry the song… Fall into oblivion 

Something uttered right before

Someone standing at your door


Pain of death and bitterness… Loneliness and heaviness

Looking for the Heaven's rest… Some will die to live again

In the end down from the sky… New beginning for the bride




Now is the time… now is the time

Now is the time when someone’s bell will ring

And if our dreams die out before us

And if we lose all that we have

I am glad that I have held you

I have no need to look back

I have touched love’s candlelight of truth


Now is the time… now is that time

Now is the time that I can hear you call my name

And that is now… that is now

Yeah and it came after all

The time when something happened… something changed




I ain’t worried ‘bout you no more

I think you’re ok… walk out the door

I got three more been waiting on me 

I don’t like to make people wait you see

I know who you are and what you could be 

Help us all, God save the Queen


Jezebel, Jezebel - Where are you going?  Heaven or Hell?

Jezebel, Jezebel - Livin’ in pain - once again

I’m leaving this scene, climbing a tree

I can hear you scream, I can hear you scream… me

Jezebel, Jezebel


This is one of those very old tales

We don’t talk much to others at all

Think I’ll take you off my shelf, ya pull you down from off the wall

That’s where I kept my heart cold

Leavin’ my baby to save my very soul




Through the years of family, everybody’s everything

There is love and there is joy, your unending loyalty


You won’t forsake me, you never do.  

I know through you that I surely will come through

I know we’ll be there, a family of friends 

There is nothing more that is left here to give

Hold me forever, don’t leave me alone, there is nothing more than who you know


In the circle we are strong, to encourage, to belong

There is something in each other that will hold us all together




How can we do what we hate?

Thinking of such things that feel so bad inside

In the day of love, it’s everything mad inside

What has happened is the past but it feels like future’s ever last


How can we do what we hate?

How can this regenerate this late?

Round and round it’s all repeat you see…

I can’t sift the tares from all of the wheat


It is late and I don’t know if it is around

And the question’s answer I have found

But the evil swirls round and round

I can hear your silent sound




In the end when it's done… See what it meant

In the little it's a lot… Don't cry in the end

Spin and spin, spin and spin

When it’s over His Love comes in…


And over and over and over… Life’s another trial

And over and over and over… Someone smiles

Over and over and over… Cannot make the cycle end

Over and over and over… It is time to begin


In the dissertations cry… So much to know

The peoples reach is far tonight… They fly into the show


OUT OF THE GRAVE (Instrumental)


DC JAM (Instrumental)




Started with a big thing in a little bitty person

Too much destroyed, I pushed it way down further

Can’t recognize existence; I need a new name

Personalities are mixed.  I carry this shame.


It built when I was younger and festered in my prime

You took from me my childhood.  I gave you what was mine

Somehow I didn’t see this thing.  I just repressed it all.

But fruits from my experience were bruised before the fall


I’m climbing out just got to tell

I’m taking back my life

Don’t need the time to try my mind

Relinquish all the rights


Trauma in my mind, unsuspecting child

Tried to hold it in.  It dealt the hell I felt.

There’s power in believing in what you know is true

Deliverance is only for those who will to do




Torn together, fallen deep… I fell into an awful sleep

Off the bridge into the water… I burned another

Help me I can’t swim again… I reached out you kicked me in

Shelter for my storm… you ripped off my limbs


You’re the mountain, you’re the river, you’re the scenic view to me

You’re the chalk line when it’s my time, a serendipity

You’re the full moon paradise… it’s so nice to see


Torn together, fallen deep… I fell into demented sleep

I don’t hear what you say to me no more




Fallen are the walls… we’re letting go

I see so very different now… finally I have come around

I know the waters flowing to the sea… they’re like the teardrops inside of me

There’s a meaning, there’s a purpose, there is a place where we will know

Fallen are the walls… we’re letting go


Welcome to the kingdom… the reign of peace is breaking free

Welcome to the new kingdom… where each other fills the need

Fallen are the walls that kept us out… open arms embrace us now


I feel so very different now… they tell me love is all around

I hear the joy flowing through the free... to be released from all the cruelty

And through the mercy of forgiveness and by this power we are molded

And fallen are the walls… we’re letting go




And when the winter comes you’ve grown so cold you’re numb

You preyed upon the weak… upon the strong


To feel the power, to feel control… to hold your head up and to lose your soul

Bully with no regrets, bully with no address

No one could find your heart… you hide it in the dark


At the expense of those who fell into the path

You tried to be someone you took from them for fun

And who will be your love? and who will come and play?

I know you needed someone; we all need somewhere to stay




Sometime questioning, wonder what we mean

Feeling life within the pages, I see…


Sun is shining above my head, our life goes around

Leaves are there they form the ground 

Nothing lets us know like the seeds that we sow

Clouds fly, leaves fall no matter what we do

Someday pass away, carry on with you


Walking through the doors, fall down on rocky floors

Feeling life within the pages, I see………

Watching in the night, speaking from down inside

Feeling life within the pages, I see………


CRUCIFIXION (Instrumental)




Soliloquy, speaking to an unknown audience

Soliloquy, listen for a while don’t go away

And the fair maiden shows her cause


No one heard your coming except your true devoted fans

Everything is better with the lending of the hand

Out of your head to feel the pain of others now

Concentrate, rejuvenate, love it breaks the bother now


Set aside the waste and steal, the time is spinning to the end

Every moment a perfect thinking… fine it is to call a friend 

Sad to set aside the things that we do for diamond rings

In the for of forever let it be tranquility 




Sailing dreams out on the ocean, all our lives wrapped in devotion

Souvenirs of our past lives, they will all make me cry


You and I, tell me why we did not stay before

It found us out, I don’t know how but here we are once more

You and I, it’s a life found in reaching out 

There is time for everybody in a land where love is found


Walking down the streets of old, you taught me how to be so bold

By your beauty you are known and now there is purpose in growing old




Water cycle in the sky, on the earth you won’t run dry

Reason this and reason that but in the end what do we have? 



Did you laugh like the saddened?  Did you hold out to die?

Did you carry on without a thought… in everything you cry

Truth is known when lies are old, someone’s heart is growing cold


Only stop when crazy comes, you deserve a little rest

There is nothing like the breeze, let us know it does exist


WINDSPEAK (Instrumental)




I can’t keep fallin’ away from you now

You can’t keep running from me

Will you be there to take care when I fall in two

I just can’t seem to be rid of you


At 23 what happened to me?  I don’t take it personally.

Love is all that means the world to me

Let me hold you intimately, I will hear your everything

Come and be the universe to me


At 23 it happens to be, when you put your arms around me

I remember everything we had

Closer to the way we were, I can still hear every word

You have nothing that could make me sad




Hold me. Love me. Leave me alone.

Tell me you’re going to need me and leave me alone


‘cause I’m an introvert

Roaming through my mind

I’m an introvert

Living inside

I’m an introvert

You can tell me why if you want to


Hear me. Appease me. Then you turn away

You say that you love me then don’t look away


Got a lot built up in me

Valleys collected and not set free

I built my own reality

I need to see you’re true to me

I need to see you’re true to me






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