They're coming to get em

The seventh son of a seventh son

A new ideology... summon the free

Don't even breathe, fall to your knees

But they're coming to take me down

Way beneath unholy grounds

The iron maiden is closing in…

Lord sinister Satan is calling


It's me.. who I am

It's me.. son of Ham

It's me .. #9

It's me.. Valentine

Kingdom come... Seventh Son

Unlock the mysteries of one

In the labyrinth of Dante's lair...

The circles are square


Goodbye my love I'm outta here

I can't bear the sentence dear

It's chains in back alleys

It's tied to our folly

Way down below

There is a place I gotta go

The iron maiden is closing now…

Lord sinister Satan is calling




The beautiful dark lords have fallen on me

All the spells of a lifetime carnival fantasies

Hell couldn't hold her…

A tale that can't end well a storm on a dark sea

She's the cream of everything

Succubus reverie is a fairytale's dream


The physical is the parable.

It is the Poet's allegorical, the story of us all

And of the many emanations linked through all the many spells

shines the cherubim's light


The basest of metals the strength of its whole.

The white stones the new name the centerfold

Of the formless, dark, and lonely is the soul

From the Qlippoth to Ain Soph the mother load

She's the cream of everything

Succubus reverie is a fairytale's dream

She got black magic fingers she's in for the kill


Losing My Mind


Foundations of the strong house are still lasting through the ages,

while the hastened home is crumbling, is forgotten, and is gone.

From the dust into the butterflies, the forest is the trees, and the honey taste is sweet but for the stinging of the bees


Live as we must we’re all dead flies

Sifting through vomit the trial of lies

I see you in moments a glimpse without time

As I stray from our template losing my mind


Fed deep as the sap’s water’s wind’s spirit’s blood by measure till the fire reveals the machine… the theory of all things.

And war hurts deep burn the tree desire

To protect we believe we’re correct so, fire

No smallest point... how can I touch you

We live as we must we’re all dead flies

There must be a reason, the telling of tall tales

Somebody close your eyes

No smallest point, how can I touch you?

Space is divided forever in two

How do we make contact? How do we touch down?

It must be illusion… the telling of tall tales




I searched the world. I spoke in braille, I couldn’t see

I signed confusion’s letter as I could not hear a thing

…when god left I kept dreaming he’d reason back to me

When God left I lost who am I would rather die I wondered why

Do not be surprised when thrown under the bus

No one cares, no one listening, their senses are plugged

As you discover you’ll discover the rub…

Loneliness, cruel and heavy. Drink up.

We’re all on the inside and outside is too…

Theories relativity and quantum me is you

Hiding in his sweet divine I squeezed the moral fibers blind

I thought I fell in love again in blood I signed away my friend

Did He send you? Someone did.

I feel anew…romanced to life.

Oh that I could take you to the other side!

…when god left I fantasized




A cancer... low ATP... low energy...

We simply were not producing

Deceived we believed we're seducing

We thought we could produce more alone

But the apple don't fall far from the whole

Or maybe it’s a game, strictly entertained

…for the sake of the whole…

No refinement is needed… There is but revealing

The perfectly all-encompassing omniscient is living a movie

The truth of sin is the illusion is all in all is not sovereign

…that freewill is; therefore, we believe we are our own covering

imperfectly designed and all things we decide

Uncaused choices of we, the separatist gods but sin is a lie

You'll never have enough on the stage in this play of the womb and the grave...

Hell of alleged "free" will - what we so desperately craved... To be the island god on the throne of graves

As a whole when freewill thrived

Could there have been factions of ourselves we denied ...

factions that wanted more overall... to take over the body whole?!

The truth of sin is the illusion is all in all is not sovereign

…that freewill is; therefore, we believe we are our own covering

imperfectly designed and all things we decide

Uncaused choices of we…

Maybe we're all sinner spot

We've been a cancer among us

Punished, refined, and reconciled

In this our beloved domicile

A body (God) attacks itself as a cancer waiting on the shelf

And yet refined and reconciled in self




I'm falling behind again, photo is synthesis in red

The world is spinning keep me high

Till illusions ain't breathing and sigh I die

We're the runaway rock crazed

Sitting in the muck of the bay

Disheartened, carelessly bored

Cut the cord die by the severed sword

Synthesis in red

Thunder's cry is the weight of the world on our backside…

Sting of the wasp, the scorpion as every lightning bolt is cast at him… It’s hail is cold, our burden's heavy load

Rain is moving up and down until the world is watered whole

Synthesis in red

The leaves are all dead

The sunlight ain't no light

With shells in our head




I looked for peace and found despair, sought to see a smile but death be in the air. It is a constant bumping into walls that breaks the fall… We find ourselves in all

now she sets the plot… arranges the outcomes

determines what she would like to do

what she would like undone

what we would like us all to go through 

the game... how it's played... 

this is the new world serenade

there never was any 'law sin' ... 

we purposefully can't keep them 

they’ve never been real

if I attempt to live by its standard

Wherever we go it is together. No one is alone or severed.

Sleep as you must. Dream as determined.

We are all awake, all in motion, all standing still.

Within a dream we exist, as dead and so real, surreal.

Wherever we go it is together.

We believe we have this power as an island... as above 




Talk to me. Who are you? What is it… that you do?

Hello, are you there? Can’t you see me over here? I speak, I cry, I scream.

Where did you go now? I try but I am lost.

In your world what do you see? Maybe now it will not be.

So talk to me… who are you? What is it that you do?

Hello, are you there? Can’t you see me over here? I speak, I cry, I scream.

Who am I to draw so near? Who am I to shed a tear?

Maybe it is not in vain… if love will yet remain.




It's all smoke and mirrors, it’s all wasted tears

Diamond sharp cut you hard

Wild card.. I never saw it coming

Wild card.. she's innocent and charming

Wild card.. beguiled on trial

She is who she is I blame her for nothing


Touch you... be what you need because she loves you I cry ...she hears nothing annoying I am as I scream into nothing

It's a gun ... no why... I can't seem to find where she has been


no, she doesn't miss you, no she doesn't need you... never wonders what you're doing… never longs to hold you...

She doesn't care what you're thinking... what you're doing… doesn't hear you... never has... 

never once tried to be you to feel you always loved her, doted, missed, cherished who she never was true

There is no sense in nonsense

Null is the senseless romance

Let it die as it must or live in this pig pen

Do either with honor if that's your thing

The ring is not always forgiving and caring

It is hurtful and dark and deep cutting

Deceptively saddened, bored, and lonely

Courageous and frightened, savagely haunting




I reflected on the guilt of lessor actions

…and yet the actions held the higher will

…as the lessor may be greater than the sum

of both opinion and our misconceived free will

You'll die when you're supposed to die

You'll fight when you're supposed to fight

This is what I am designed to do

Beyond the veil I'm waiting on you

There are no accidents, coincidence 

There are no regrets, no bad sex

It's all illusional delusions

There's no law. There's no fall.

There's no shame after all

No free will no sin mill I've grown ill

We are missing the big picture still

Buzz kill it's still real to you

There's nothing that you or I can do

Until the light hits the blinded

The reaper's incited

Routine is blindsided it's true

The cryptic is lifted in you




I hate this life

Woke up in shame again

Of all the things I've been

off the hinge I cringe I binge

But stupid damn me I'll do it all again

And there's no blood on my hands

The behavior of the system is organized again

Written and established within

Now herein is the sum of all:

Three of which we all must see:

Sovereign, illusion, perfection is everything

Relentlessly flittering, hopeless in chains

Till it’s time to see the three down in our veins

No shame in anything. nothing. down the drain.

no pain no worry bout a thing

But I keep on crying cause I think it's me

I'm still deceived can't kill the weeds

I'm still the devil in this crazy fantasy

The behavior of the system's parts is organized

Written and established by the whole of hearts

At the core nothing is separate from the source




Dichotomous symmetry is chiral everything

And yet it bleeds into all things

Chaotic order's wonder tree ADEPTUS majesty, perfect me


I'm going to cry again

As though I've screwed up some master plan

We're not so big and powerful

As separate little "I am's"

It is in tune with the whole

Of which we all are grown

And yet we beat ourselves to death




I want to believe her I want to be with her…

beneath her bequeath her seduced by her flower

It Tis the lust of the quest, treasures of Seth

drawn into her mystery imagery fantasy

Rocks in a hard place, summon the tide

and yet even the rocks will cry

The temperance of a woman is the madness of man

She is strong and powerful touchscreen guillotine 

The temperance of man is the shifting of sand

In the end the both have become the brazen entity… I am

She'll find you wanting a sweet pill to swallow 

Serving your all the leader will follow

Lost in her power, spell is unbreakable

Fanciful, colorful, walk like an angel 

On crystal clear glass in our eloquent dream 

We followed the hollows of curiosity 




Tired of the song dream, too many books, too many things

Numb to all the things I see…

Who the hell am I? And who is everything?

Step off this globe to finally know if there’s a peace from below

Only reason hanging on is everyone I know

In the zoo I do exist… but I am on hold


Die… before the roots are fed

Die… before you have to live

Have no interest in it all

You will die before the fall…


This will be the last song to sit upon the shelf

With black numbers in the sky…

Too little counts for you to cry pity, wasting all my time




We are the trees… some watered, some withered. 

The grass is colored green, but for a time and then it fades me. 

Of the murder trials rape and torturous bile 

In the worst of times feed the Frankenstein 

I plead to die to take my soul...

On Vlad Ymir's poles

The snake bite is swelling, pulsing, and killing 

It's venom is in em they've stiffened and fallen

Seepage in pores all the soars we abhor 

In the eye of the storm, In the midst of hell

In the funnel cloud's core, is calm




Mia's all dirty muddy water and pain

Ain't got no inhibitions on this motherboard train… oh no, insane

Stop, drop, rock and roll away

She's the devil on crack in hot pink

Mia go round those hip and tucks

Love is lust she knows how to thrust

And the Gardner's time has opened up 

She's blood on the brain as hell is pain as life is death is deep is dark is wet in Mia… life is death is deep is dark is wet in Mia

The lure of a woman is the intemperance of a man

She is strong and powerful

The lure of man is deep but flitters all about

Beware, lest you can’t see… spend your days in doubt

Assimilation is inevitable

Mia go round those hip and tucks

Love is lust she knows how to thrust

And the Gardner's time has opened up




Where is the difference? Where is Age?

Everything appears the same, turning of the page

And yet it ends where it began

In the dust returns the man


Up and coming and hard to see

Everything looks so new and free

What will hold you? Who will hold you?

What will shape reality?


I still feel alive, old on the outside

Young in the middle and… are you the riddle?

Another gone while you are strong

Another youth is you belong 




To and fro all things in tow 

in the limo in the backseat 

in the driver side... all the stories that we are 

carried on in cars 

All intertwined in vehicles I have been

and the wheels spin… laugh and die  

sublime cars in the pocket of ours  

it carries them further, further away 

and yet close always are they 

the people have spoken 

people are speeding and slowing 

and screeching... broken and hurting 

and steaming and streaming 

all amusing, they're smiling 

and they're cruising... they're all winning and they are losing 




Incessant wet on the fire, cog in the flier 

Passions will stare at the hopelessly, perfectly, tattered pair

When the corridors are empty and nothing makes sense there

When the waves stop waving the banners of incense near 

All of us the beast, the devil, 

the false prophet, the jinn: 

We are the dead. And so it is...

the dead will live again, from the Adam to the wind... to beginnings without end 

To the Machine of all things... cheers to the dream  

The darkest day is a light

A tare in this fabric's twisted life...

after endless circles that ended in no cure

It's fathomless efforts in dreamscapes of hecklers... unbound broken tethers… I finally severed

And the dead are moving all about

Prisoners of the planet Hell

It is here we congregate... accuse, hate, kill

Zombie's ring the mission bell




Oh... I tried to share  

it's outta tune, they didn't care 

I gotta star, it shines through hell

I tried to tell I screamed and yelled


Everywhere you go now

I know you would like to know...

Eyes to see, ears to hear... I couldn't see it anywhere 

I couldn't hear the messenger... it wasn't coming through unclear 

Given what's revealed till we all see beyond the veil

Until it's time we're all blind, just another cog in the wheel


You tucked you're tail you didn't care

I understood it's going nowhere

And we can't hear if our heart is hardened

And we can't see if sight ain't pardoned 


I'll tell you what the future holds...

All of us are one of old

Eyes will see what's in the code

For now enjoy the show




Come see the sea of glass… 

It is our future. It is our past.

The City Nirvana… It's Mayberry's falling

It's Willoughby... a piece of release

It’s Willoughby... pieces of peace

The fantasy's reality… Let me live in Willoughby

I thought if I did this I'd save all my points with the do's and the don'ts I have had all my life but the righteous aren't right as the rule book decreed there's no do's and no don'ts in our sweet Willoughby 

Lifestyles language liquor & ratings

We live as we must no shame in behaving

The do's and the don'ts they all drive me crazy

Enlisting my ego the devil in waiting




High above I stay, I pray where no one goes

And our place in the strife… of all I try to control

Hold me now I cry, of you in this night

Hear me in the mountain, the mountain’s climb


To the top I will keep on with you

To the bird’s height I’ll wait to hear from you

In the soft of wind, surely, I will hear from you

In the gentle breeze…

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If you can't clear your head or step into a lighted spot then douse in the lull of low, deep as you can go... tis only hell you know


As the ball drops does it make contact... if space is forever divided? As time appears relevant to where it is within itself it is always everywhere and yet it may not even exist.


The Qliphoth, Qelippot or Klippot - (Heb.) literally peels, shells or husks, from singular: qliphah 'husk' [The Kabbalah or, The Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews Adolphe Franck translated by I. Sossnitz (1926): Relation of The Kabbalah to Christianity page 279] According to Israel Regardie, the qlipothic tree consists of 10 spheres in opposition to the sephiroth on the Tree of Life. These are also referred to as the "evil twins" and the "Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead." According to me, whatever value that carries... The Qlippoth is hell. It is the dead. We all live here.


  • "Every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe!"
  • "...Matter does not exist independently from the sea, from so-called empty space. It is a part of space."
"Bohm believes that our almost universal tendency to fragment the world and ignore the dynamic interconnectedness of all things is responsible for many of our problems, not only in science but in our lives and our society as well... In a sense, the observer is the observed. The observer is also the measuring device, the experimental results, the laboratory, and the breeze that blows outside the laboratory..." (The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot, p 49-51)

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"You're like an organized train wreck with cruise control" - Mark Tyson

"We are the universe contemplating itself" - Carl Sagan
“I’d rather be dead than cool.” - Kurt Cobain 
“Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems. Well here I am.” - Marilyn Manson
"They’d say, 'if ya play the record backwards, you can hear evil tings like grrrr!' and I would think, 'Jeez, I didn’t know the devil sounded like that. I thought he was coherent, like the rest of us.'" - Brian Johnson