I'm locked in this prison this hell we call home 

When Emma came knocking I thought I was whole

I welcomed in season the finest of wines 

And shared what I felt was delight in my eyes

Goodbye my dear sweet Emma Faye 

A false sense of something I found to be nothing

A cog in the wheel oh my god are you real? 

Keeping me entertained Emma Faye Emma Faye

In this dark, cold and lonely, painful steel rain 

Goodbye my dear sweet, sweet Emma Faye 

Nothing to be done (she told me), Nothing to be found (she led me)

Ain't nobody listening when nothing comes to town 

Nobody listened when nothing is around…

I've never fit. I can't now. I'm so bored. I don't know how.

I can't think I can't breathe I can't feel I can't need

Disengaged in my cage feel the rage in the maze

Goodbye my dear sweet, sweet Emma Faye 



And so life is a game, all we are, all we've made... 

Insidious legerdemain

Trap doors and back doors, we're walking through walls

A shift in the sand, limitless lands evermore 

The here and the now is the past and the later in life's simulator

There's so much we hold but don't know how to find her

Rules are posted, follow or die

Restrictions have held us from reaching the skies

Inanimate objects animate inseparably linked

Non-living and living all one and the same

Welcome my love to the video game

Subatomic phenomenon waves and the particles 

...and yet each is always both

Somethings the quanta from which all is molded

The beast has returned from its glorious throne

And the mystics will tell you all life is illusion

A symphony plays all the waves of delusion

Transformed on the world as it flows through our senses

Holographic in nature Maya's conclusion



You dream of being my heart's ambition 

Guide my heart - you have my attention 

Your thoughts are mine I know this now

Take my hand and show me how

I want to see you the way you see me.

Intimate everything. 

To need and want you the way you do me.

To touch that piece of you unseen.

Everything intimate you have ever dreamed

Attempted.. desired... has been me

Hopes of being wanted/desired by Me.. 

You would have done anything.. 

If only I needed you .. if only I desired you.. to be with you.. 

to touch 'every part' of you.. You have always desired every part of me.. 

i would have owned you forever..Help me see you the way you see me. 

I don't want to lose my forever friend.




Safe in the night... I thought you were daylight 

Funny the tricks in the contrite mind's eye

There's no disguise, nowhere to hide

Judgment Day baby it happens all the time

Dancing on the graves

I can't stop dancing on the graves

In the dead I misbehave 

I can't stop dancing on the graves

And once again the cradle rocks out

It's time to flatline and I have no doubt 

The dead men are walking all around 

Under my feet is unholy ground



This is hell can't you tell this is hell ring the bell 

Going down this is hell all around this is hell

I have the teeth of Leviathan that cuts through the bone.

All night he comes slithering through my front door

And come to think I think I may have seen him before.

Up close and it’s always so personal to me

He coils in the dark spots and crawls round my tree

I will judge you accuse you behind you I roll

His features are me and his features are you

My stomach churned a bitter pill sweet to my tongue yet bitter still

The eyes were hollow in this creature I’ve followed

I think this devil could be me

Behold the enemy... I am we are you are the Devil.. It's me

I will judge you accuse you behind you I roll

His features are me and his features are you

The dogs of destruction is all we can do! 

This is hell and I am the devil



“Open your eyes!” it cries. The market is inside!

I am the church of all good things, The demagogue of suffering...

The devil made me do it…

Welcome to the devil… Welcome to the dead…

Look into the mirror… See inside our heads

On the sixth day is man made established by witnesses

If three its real, seals the deal

Six sixty six and it's mankind revealed

On right hands in foreheads the spiritual seal

We buy and we sell and we beg and we steal!

It is the furnace of affliction and the realm of the dead...

Your suffering is fantasy.. It keeps my stomach fed. 

We are winners we are losers, pre-determined innocence

Pour another. Send your mother. I really could care less... Right here in Babylon.

The mystery's history... Mystery Babylon… The mall of the centuries…

The furnace of affliction

The furnace of affliction

The furnace of affliction




Heart strings are bleeding, pressure is on

This feeling has numbed all my pain

Whatever is lost when the forest is gone

I will remember the trees

Get on, get off I say

Light up the sky, I died, your blade in me, I weep

I know I had to do it I could see right through it

It's loud, it'll break you down 

Haunt your house... steal your crown 

I lost priority bent on authority

Hell is a reckoning spellbound hellhound   

Nothing is sensible incomprehensible

I feel the tears in the rain

Something is happening and for the life of me

I can't stop living this day


Berserk and in the fit of rage, judging you has judged me too.

We all fall into the holes, the many pits that serve us all

Fancy this I hear the call… Oh!

Fancy this I hear the call

We all know just where to go

Holes in the Crypt

Worry, tortured day and night… realm of all the dead… a baby cries

Cash it in the worrying, might as well enjoy the ride

All the rules have kept us blind but I am you both intertwined

Fancy this I hear the call

Fancy this I hear the call

We all know just where to go

Holes in the Crypt… We all fall inside

Deep in the crypt we are all gonna die 

It is the pit that you dig whereby we all shall fall...

And what we do to the one it will be done to us all...



A nothing in the prose of whatever is happening

A sixth sense of something unsettling is settling 

A random time and day and many hours

A dying of the fantasy's flowers

It is the weight on my shoulder the craziest thing

No depression, obsession, worry, or pain

Nothing is its weight with the strength of kings

it's way below down...

And yet boredom is nothing is killing me now

A wealth of uneasy tension

Nowhere's common theme and vision

It is a standing still and yet moving crazily about 

It plagues me envelopes me no doubt



Free will is illusion, no uninhibited conclusions 

It's all a delusion it's the devil's intrusion

And we worship ourselves 

on the throne of our heart we sit as a god 

We are the devil, the demons, the blasphemous ones

We live in our laws to prove power in us

Finger pointing at others who can't do what we've done

We believe we are free but we all bow the knee

I love me welcome Satan the devil has come

Backstabbing our brother maintaining a false reign

I love money, the mall... Pray that I will pray for you... 

I am that powerful... declare I'm god in the temple.. the beast on the throne

DNA we didn't make our DNA

Environment we didn't know where we'd be placed 

Out of pre-determined preference every choice has its cause

The irony of everything is we are all in all 

The puppet and the master, the crown and the fall



In Avici with weapons high

Gehenna the dead won't die

Naraka it's Diyu can't get enough

And it's war and there will be blood

Ride the Qlippoth, Ride the Qlippoth

Lies deny who pulls the chord in the Qlippoth 

It hurts in the trenches tormented and bored

In the Qlippoth, In the Qlippoth

There's a new vid release but it's long been deceased

Spent on thrones of despair it's the old Dragon's Lair 

Reaching the Kether... Tremble to touch it...

Below it is awful Unholy infectious

I'm burning in hell

Nobody cares I've been dropped in this shell

Fallen from grace the dishonored, disgraced

Kill me my god I can't live in this place

The sores in my body the pain on my face

There is no release, no recourse, no embrace 

Our evil persona the sphere of the Qlippoth

The devils are coming... It's parts in division

Reaching the Kether... Tremble to touch it...

Below it is awful, Unholy, infectious



A falling star whose path is sure, a screaming baby’s slight return

Another mold to shape and spin, another life will soon begin

Reliving the Living Dead

Reliving the Living Dead

Reliving the Living Dead

I'm screaming I'm crying I can't bear the thought of starting all over to hell I've returned... I'm bleeding I'm needing come feed me I sob but I'm drifting resisting this memories gone

Worry, tortured day and night… realm of all the dead… a baby cries

The newborn is bleeding! It's not worth repeating! 


Juliana's... Pandora's tune… Killing me... Children too

Broke me... For someone new

Kicked ME bled ME bullet HOLES

The lot is cast and the puppet falls

And I'm down and the bottles up… And I'll drown before I fill my cup

I love you hate you hope to die

The womb is never satisfied

All will grace the field of wrongs for every choice there is a cause

And now I find my many selves, born again into this hell

All the words down on the page all the hurtful things you say

One voice is all we ever were, one voice it will be heard

Juliana's box of treats "I hate the things you've done to me!"

And even though I dug my hole

It all was planned so long ago

And all form the essence of a whole. Of one blood the many came forth. 

And all the dice know when and where to roll


The drinks, the smokes, the frills. The music and the pills

And the blood was spilled, the fire stilled… 

The cold, the kill, I feel a chill… the cold and the kill

Waking up with Emma… The barrel's cold the tale is old

Waking up with Emma… Another broken soul it's time for me to go

The kids have cried for daddies lies

He won't be coming home tonight

Little ‘causes’ calling as dominoes we're falling

I/We am/are the god of this temple…

Free will is illusion… it’s causin’ this confusion

There is always a cause.. We ALL want it ALL

There is NO uncaused choices.. Prime Rib to Rolls Royce's 

Intrigued by the forces that pull us right toward it

Can't wait to taste it, To hold it, erase it. 

I see my dead body but can’t seem to touch it

A rising above it united as one… Goodbye my sweet family it can't be undone 


I awaken to another world a parallel universe beyond the membranes of this curse to a place that holds the cures but its cold… 

When karma cares to do its part out beyond the beating heart

A breath away when silence screams The ghost has found itself in me

I see the past, the future too. I can even see you! 

No need of money, no need of food and I can see in all directions everything is all in tune

The Puppet Master disregards and no more cares to pull the wires

As silhouettes we seldom see I have returned to the scene

The chains of this ghost have wrapped around me

I will be here, wait here till it is our time for the judges we judges to judge us and drop the gavel down that we may all share the lost and the found


God is bored God is happy and he feels like I do... 

Even and off and downtrodden and blue.

She is sleepy can't sleep, is there sleep in your eye?

Do you worry at all that we're all gonna die?

Puppet Masters… One Body judges all

Puppet Masters… We determine who stands and who will fall

Masters… In spirit we are all

Puppet Masters… We're sending you out again into the world

Every experience in all of our hearts 

All of the pain does it tear you apart?

You can feel what we do if we're all part of you!

I can't help but wonder if all of its true


Waiting on Jamie, She'll never be ready

The lines and the lipstick… we’re at a dead stop 

Waiting on Jamie, She'll never be ready

She's lost in the store… Oh God please no more

Here's to all the lines in which we have waited 

To all of the back-ups that made us so lately I've missed every due date 

It's driving me crazy

I think that we'll always be waiting on Jamie

Beholding the queen in all of her power

To stop all the traffic to water her flowers

But everyone waited there's no need to speed we

Adore her I wrote this while waiting on Jamie

It’s like… standing still… 




Mother's love is a purity. Unconditional attorneys 

It's the closest you'll find in these self-centered times

Mother feeds it is filling the baby stops crying 

There'll be none alone when momma comes fighting

But the whole it loves deeper than momma could see through

If you lose her it's gone but the whole carries on

Mother is epitome unconditional insanity

But more than her the shout is heard sublime in the fantasy 

Mama come fighting

Momma come now 

Momma come fighting

Momma is all around


On the principle of things we'll kill for nothing

But we'll never change the behavior of things

We are the bitter, the caught up in chains

As an island Pangea is losing its wings

Love everyone. Trust no one. Be wronged. 

We're cursed if we trust anyone

You can't hate the one that does what must be done

On the receiving end take it as you can be wronged

Whereas wrong may be right and evil is good

We just never thought it was all as it should be

The tragedy the majesty the pestilence bowl

And the end starts again we all do it all



Throw down your curtains and look out the glass

Clear out the closet of yesterday's past

Water that flower it took so damn long

It sits on the shelf with all your bygones 

Our best is ahead in spite of our fears

Go mend the fences there's brush to be cleared

And all the things that never happened

Are right where they belong

Not a hair on your head is unloved

How long will it be before we climb off our thrones

Throw down the towel, resurrect our dead bones

Dust off the shelves And pull out a dream

I think you will find we are all where we need to be



I've had a guilty conscious I felt bad all the time 

but I knew it was all bogus now I can't seem to cry

As silhouettes we seldom see and

yet We feel the breath we breathe

Tell you what we need.. it is a seeing of all things

Cross me over...

Regret is so sad there is no regrets I have 

Cross me over...

been told why do you feel so down low

Cross me over...

and so I wish you could see this ain't really happening

It's all just a dream I need to feel nothing 

I can't believe in free will as everything I do is still predetermined preference my DNA environment 

I know it's all a joke this regret goes up in smoke 

as the devil he deceives the whole world is me


I finally remember I see all of me

There's a light in the sky it transfigures my mind

I recall the events of my previous lives

And all of the lives that I have lived are now mine

In the light we shall go out no more

What is yours is yours is mine (What’s yours is mine, what's mine is yours)

In the light we shall go out no more

Got to find out who we are, the memories have all returned

Through it all the blood it flowed drip by drip into the fold

Measure by measure it is no short order

There are no 'what ifs' no missed dreams or songs

And all the things that never happened are right where they belong

In the light we shall go out no more



The beauty of the rainbow is the color of us all

No favorites, no color wars, we’re altogether beautiful

And the truth is only given from measure to measure

And all will find the rainbow’s end from color to color

Now we see through darkened glass but soon we will see face to face

Look up now into the sky, the beasts have risen you and I

The colors come together, the wonderful bright light

I’ll meet you in the air my friend to claim the treasures rainbow’s end

It’s good to see you all again, my brothers, my sisters, my friends

Every color will unfold into the oneness of our rainbow

At the end it will be known and everyone will claim the gold

One spirit is our destiny and all in all will always be

The fountain’s youth will never sleep, the dead will rise, the family

To know ourselves as we are known… unveiling of the human race

See ourselves face to face beholding now as in a mirror

The Cherubim will fly again…

Transformed into the same image, one spirit at the Rainbow’s End

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Drop an object. As space is forever divided, it never really makes contact; thus, time is not what we believe. The solution is illusion.


The Qliphoth, Qelippot or Klippot - (Heb.) literally peels, shells or husks, from singular: qliphah 'husk' [The Kabbalah or, The Religious Philosophy of the Hebrews Adolphe Franck translated by I. Sossnitz (1926): Relation of The Kabbalah to Christianity page 279] According to Israel Regardie, the qlipothic tree consists of 10 spheres in opposition to the sephiroth on the Tree of Life. These are also referred to as the "evil twins" and the "Evil Demons of Matter and the Shells of the Dead." According to me, whatever value that carries... The Qlippoth is hell. It is the dead. We all live here.


  • "Every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe!"
  • "...Matter does not exist independently from the sea, from so-called empty space. It is a part of space."
"In a sense, the observer is the observed. The observer is also the measuring device, the experimental results, the laboratory, and the breeze that blows outside the laboratory..." (The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot, p 49-51)

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"You're like an organized train wreck with cruise control" - Mark Tyson

"We are the universe contemplating itself" - Carl Sagan
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"They’d say, 'if ya play the record backwards, you can hear evil tings like grrrr!' and I would think, 'Jeez, I didn’t know the devil sounded like that. I thought he was coherent, like the rest of us.'" - Brian Johnson